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Our commitment to providing Mechanical Power Transmission solutions for our clients makes us unique industrial partners. We provide wide range of equipment and systems and we offer support between different OEM’s, saving time, money and aggravation. Engineering experts will guide you on your new projects, from basic mechanical engineering to components and all types of drives.

Engified Engineering is an international leader in service and solutions for industrial process engineering. We are experts in mechanical power transmission devices and our mission is to transfer your ideas into a viable solution. Engifield consultant engineers are a valuable resource for shortening development time of your new projects and keep your cost within your target. We will advice you where to buy the best types of power transmission elements in mechanical engineering.

We are experts in mechanical power transmission solutions, components, systems or devices such as motors and servo motors, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, pneumatic clutches and brakes, torque limiters and couplings, belts and pulleys. As we have large experience in the field we can provide custom design equipment with huge advantages and the most efficient mechanical power transmission systems.

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Our partners and suppliers are carefully chosen to fulfill the highest expectations. We will give you different options to choose and define the best suitable product for your needs. As we are experts in mechanical power transmission systems, we would provide you the best choices. Engineering is our passion.

Engifield provide engineering and consulting services to any application involving motion control and power transmission. Our technical market focused engineers are specialized in solving challenges; we are engineers as problem solvers. We help our customers with an innovative approach, always prioritizing their end goal. Engifield key markets are : Aerospace and Automotive, Oil & Gas, Industrial Automation, Food & Beverage, Cranes & Hoist and Renewable energies.

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Engifield provide Engineering & Consulting services to help OEM's improve perfomance and efficiency. We reduce time and cost of our clients sending technical feedback in less than 24 hours. Expertise in mechanical engineering and power transmission solutions.