Why Use a Consultant for Your Business if you are an OEM?

A large number of companies today are hiring external consultants in order to carry out different roles within their organizations. In the industrial sector, more Original Equipment Manufacturers decide to use consulting firms to outsource some specific processes. But why OEM’s hire external consultants to look for new suppliers?

1. Consultants are highly experienced in their field 

If your company is a Manufacturer in the Automotive industry, your field of expertise is car manufacturing and selling. This is what you are good at! When you have a new project about an automatic side door your engineering team needs to do the complete development to make it work smooth and find new suppliers. And here comes the challenge. 

The purchase department or Technical department will invest time in looking for the right manufacturer for this project. But as they are not experienced in this field, they will invest too much time and probably will not find the best quality and cost-effective solution.

Here is where consulting Business is good for these cases. Engifield engineering will first understand your challenge and discuss the right solution. Second, we will look for the right manufacturer for this specific project. And third, we will suggest several options for you to choose the more convenient. It is a win-win solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

2. Help you reduce development time.

Engifield Engineering is an expert in mechanical power transmission, with products such as clutches, brakes, motors, gearboxes, couplings, and other motion control systems. If you are an engineer developing a new project different from your area of experience you will invest too much time finding the right manufacturer, contacting, asking quotes, comparing prices, etc. 

With a consultant company, the development time is reduced and the complete process is more efficient.

 3. Clients success is the most important factor. 

As a Consulting company, we do not manufacture any specific products. Because of that, there is no reason why we should recommend you our products. On the other side, if you approach a manufacturer, of course, they will recommend you only their products, even though they are the best one for your application. 

This is why Engifield Engineering will provide you the best products. We know which manufacturer provides high-quality power-off brakes or electromagnetic brakes. We know which global manufacturer will provide you the best pneumatic tooth clutches at the best price. 

Because of that, if you need some specific product, we will redirect you to them, and you, as Manufacturer of Machinery will avoid having a second category product, in your machine. This is as well, why you will reduce the cost of development because your machine will be using the product of the best worldwide manufacturer. 


We can provide you the BEST SOLUTION in the shortest time.

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