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Engifield is a global leader in service and solutions supplier for industrial process engineering. We are experts in mechanical power transmission equipment, systems, and devices. Our mission is to transfer your ideas into a viable solution, always with the best competitive advantages and most efficient process engineering. Engifield consultant engineers are a valuable resource for shortening the development time of your new projects and keep your cost within your target.

Engineering & Consulting firms support your business making the complex simple. Original Equipment Manufacturers are normally experts in their area of business, but a new project requires a different area of proficiency. Engifield’s experienced team of engineers can fill this gap and support your in-house team from A to Z. Tell us your new project, and we sill advise you where to buy the best clutches, brakes, torque limiters, motors, and any other mechanical power transmission equipment.

Our partners and suppliers are carefully chosen to fulfill the highest expectations of the most efficient mechanical power transmission elements. We will give you different options for you to choose and define the best suitable product for your needs. As we are experts in mechanical power transmission devices, we would provide you the best choices. Engineering is our passion.


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