Sustainability Engineering

Sustainability Engineering


Engifield is 100% compromise with sustainable design and operating systems. Our staff follows the principles of : waste reduction, materials management, pollution prevention, product enhancement and energy conservation.

Sustainable engineering often take this concepts to the next level by looking at the common points between technical, ecological, and economic systems.

Engifield follow this sustainability engineering principles with our clients and suppliers. In the field of mechanical power transmission engineering there is a lot of projects following this principles. Electromagnetic brakes can be used to block the shaft of wind turbines such as wind trees in order to prevent the turbine to overspeed in case too much wind.

In addition, centrifugal brakes are used in the personal rack and pinion elevators in the wind turbines generators. This devices are designed to move the elevator safely downside in case of transmission failure. Centrifugal bakes are assembled between motor and gearbox for this type of applications.

One last example in the same direction are the regenerative braking systems, commonly used for automation industry in the electric cars. This solution use the movement of car and the kinetic energy to take advantage of it and storage energy that normally will be wasted.  

In conclusion, there is still a long way to go but in the field of mechanical engineering, power transmission solutions and sustainability engineering, Engifield will be working for a better world.

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