Conveyor Systems for packing and dispatch

The installation of automated packing machines without disruption to the overall plant is of crucial importance. That is the reason why it is important to work closely with the clients taking into account all aspects of their plant’s operation for whatever the new application. Packing plants are customized to fit into an existing system; compact and modular, they are easily and quickly installed as integral components. From a standard control technique to a comprehensive automatic dispatch system, It is also important to provide total control. Clients can record, control and evaluate the production capabilities of individual packing lines with loading alleys (lanes), palletizers and material logistics as well as all importantly related plant data.

A typical Packing Plant comprises everything from the bucket elevator, vibrating screen, pre-bin with level indicator, feeding system, packing machine with automatic bag application and empty bag transportation to the bag discharge, transportation and removal system, check weighing, bag rejection, barcode reading identification, spillage return, deducting filter and electrical control and automation. The working method of each packing plant is individually tailored to the customers’ requirements; equally the specific properties of the packed materials are of vital importance. Packing plants are either fed via mechanical or via pneumatic conveying systems with a protective screen removing all foreign components. By means of a preceding bin, the material is vented and a constant pre-pressure for controlled material feeding to the packing machine is achieved. After filling the bags, they are distributed via belt conveyors and distribution systems to the dispatch terminal for palletizing or direct truck loading.

The systems usually comprise several specific areas, combining to create a single cohesive solution.

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