How to prevent your company during Covid-19 crisis?

The dramatic spread of the contagious disease COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, nations and businesses all over the world. As most of the countries had been affected, it’s economy has stop for several weeks. It is difficult to precise if this situation will paralyze the economy for several months, but the industrial companies have only one choice: be ready. 


The main institutions such as WHO, IMF, WB and other economic organizations have several recommendations that we, as Engifield Engineering, are following. 


Engifield management has decided to allow home office to all its workers in order to prevent the spread of the virus.  The big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and most of all its partners had also taken the same decision. Remote work is perfectly possible with nowadays technologies and it provides to the worker a better conciliation with his family. 


To achieve a good work as a team we make videoconferencing the primary way of communication. Every day we have visual contact with the team and we revise the day’s goal.


We align Engifield mission and vision with our actions. As we believe that the main mission is to simplify the search of a manufacturing supplier of mechanical power transmission parts, we are actively looking for more partners ready to work with us. As we have large experience in the field, it is very confident to provide to our customers the best product taking in consideration its specific product. 


Customer first. As we do not have any exclusivity contract we can provide to our customer the best solution for they project. Other suppliers, represent one or 2 brands, and they have to offer this brands even though they are not always competitive in all the fields. 


At last, we offer recognitions to our the rest of the employees to work as a team. This COVID-19 crisis it will not disappear in the following months. because of that, Industrial companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers need to be ready, delivery more value to their customer and be more flexible.

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