Aerospace & Automotive

Aerospace and Automotive

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of flight vehicles, including aircraft, spacecraft and rockets. Is a very competitive sector and it has been increasing constantly for the last decades. During the last 10 years, there has been new spacecraft companies such as SpaceX which are changing the hole concept about interplanetary trips and will provide new opportunities to the humanity.

Traditional airplanes companies such as Virgin Atlantic are developing new projects to launch rockets from airplanes. Manufacturers of aircraft and spacecraft are demanding engineering solutions focussed in mechanical power transmission systems, devices and equipment.

  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft parts
  • Drones
  • Based Vehicles Driveline
  • Spacecraft

2015 Global Aerospace Industry. Source: ICF International

Also included among its concerns are major flight-vehicle subsystems such as propulsion and avionics (aviation electronics) and key support systems necessary for the testing, operation, and maintenance of flight vehicles. In addition, the industry is engaged in the fabrication of nonaerospace products and systems that make use of aerospace technology.

Automotive & Transportation

There is an incredible car culture to be found all across the globe. Automotive and transportation industries describe a wide range of companies which design and manufacture motor vehicles and its parts. Actually, this key market is one of the largest economic sectors by revenue.

“Cars and other automobiles are an industry worth over 250 billion US dollars worldwide, with production trending towards efficiency and sustainability”


Automobile manufacturers need to coexist with high competitive environment and there is an increasing need of strategic partners to improve their  productivity and efficiency.

We define the automotive industry as encompassing all companies and activities involved with automobiles as stated above. Some of the biggest key players of the industry include the German-based manufacturer Volkswagen, two major automobile companies of Japan (i.e. Toyota Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Corporation), the US-based rivals of General Motors and the Ford Motor Company, and the Italian company Fiat.

World motor production (1997-2016)

World motor production (1997-2016)

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