Cranes & Hoist

Cranes & Hoist

The increasing demand in the construction industry, shipping industry and material handling industry is a key opportunity for Cranes & Hoist manufacturers. All types of Cranes and hoist use braking systems and couplings to control the movement and to prevent from accidents. Engifield provide to the OEM’s an extraordinary added value by providing a cost effective solution adapted to your application.

Overhead Crane

The Overhead cranes (also referred to as Bridge cranes) are cranes with a lifting system like hoist or open winch.

They are of very robust construction with a high level of standardization, making them very modular and adaptable to any need, high reliability components and available for a wide range of applications.

Structure of box girder or standard profile, optimized by computer calculation processes.

The optimized combination of structures and mechanisms (lifting, cross travel and long travel) on these cranes reduce hook appraches and that maximise the usufel areas.

Construction of structural welded elements, done with automated and robotic systems, which guarantee the repeatability of welding processes and high product quality.

The mechanisms used in our industrial cranes are indivisible part of them, covering the range of Chain hoists from 500 kg. to wire rope hoists of 100 tons.

Gantry Crane

Unlike Overhead cranes, gantry cranes have legs and move on runways which are usually on floor level.

These cranes are highly efficient to work outdoos, achieving high speeds and capacities.

Semi-gantry cranes are a very practical solution when it is not required to cover the entire width of the workshop. One side of the crane runs on elevated runway, while the runway for the other side is on ground level.

Tansfer carts

The transfer carts allow movement charges at ground level in all types of industries and applications.

The transfer carts are rugged and modular construction, available in a wide range of products also can be adapted to suit your need.

Transfer Carts capacities from 10 tons to 60 tons, can be either powered by batteries or cable reel.

Jib crane

The Jib Cranes can be fitter with chain or wire rope hoists, in low headroom or normal headroom configuration. High precision achieved in manual or powered motorized movement. Industrial Jib Cranes from 500 kg to 20 ton.

The Wall Jib Crane lifts lightweight parts during the production process, where separate manufacturing stations are required for the main cranes in the building.

The Column Jib Crane lifts light and medium weight parts during production processes where separate manufacturing stations are required for the main cranes in the building.

Industrial jib crane lifts heavy weights during industrial production processes where separate manufacturing stations are required for the main cranes in the building.

Port Jib Crane is specially designed for lifting heavy loads in port environments.

Tower Crane

Tower cranes are mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places. The device uses one or more simple machines to create mechanical advantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of a human.

Work Platforms

Work platforms facilitate working at height. Maufacturers designed them so personnel and material can access the work area to meet your work height requirements.. They are reliable and efficient platforms, that will increase your workers efficiency and reduce your labor costs when either restoring or new construction. In addition, they comply with all the existing design, manufacture, and safety standards, allowing the operators to work safely.

The sturdiness of its square mast sections, platform modules made with high-quality and high-elasticity steel, and the construction of the basic equipment with floating platform contribute toward a longer service life .


Industrial lifts for personnel/material

The industrial lift facilitate vertical transport of personnel and material in a variety of industries. We can design equipment adapted to the characteristics and needs of each sector, complying with the strictest safety regulations.

Wind Power

We use the rack and pinion techonology in our design of wind farm lifts . Our partners created their lifts to meet the strict installation and maintenance needs of wind farms. The lifts of our partners transports operators safely and efficiently. Their ergonometric design allows easy and quick personnel evacuation.

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