Spring-applied brakes – Power-off brakes

Spring applied brakes also known as failsafe brakes or power-off brakes are one of the most used brakes in the market of mechanical power transmission systems. The electromagnetic brakes are electrically released.

The spring-applied brakes are ideally suited for robotics and all types of automation engineering solutions. The Servo Line and motor series of spring-applied brakes has been developed for integration into servo motors. The brakes can be built into the motor housing or can be adjusted to each customer requirements. 


The innovative electromagnetic brake is used wherever light and small brakes are required.  Its multiple springs can reach about 10+ million cycles. The only moving part is the armature, so there is no moving parts to wear and replace. The brake’s air gap can be adjusted to compensate the lining wear.

The standard voltage are 12vdc, 24vdc and 48 vdc. But the manufacturers can normally adapt its brakes to 105vdc and 205vdc. A manual release is an optional adaptation that allows the brake to be opened and engaged without electrical power. 



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