Worm Gearbox

Worm Gearbox

Engifield can offer worm gearbox available from stock, high quality and competitively priced. The housing is made of aluminum or cast iron and there is standard solution of stainless steel or custom design of hollow shafts. Thanks to its structural form, the worm gearbox can be mounted in various ways in machines or other applications. There are several accessories available for easy mounting. Examples include a torque arm, various types of flanges, shafts and more.

Worm gears are often used for their ability to provide large speed reduction and high torque multiplication. But their self-locking properties can also be beneficial in many applications.

Self-locking can occur when the assembly is in either a static or a dynamic state, although it is more common when the worm gear is static – i.e. not moving. In theory, as long as the coefficient of friction between the gear and the worm is larger than the tangent of the worm’s lead angle, the worm gear is considered self-locking and will not back drive.


  • Output torque from 50Nm to 3.000Nm
  • Output shaft sizes from 12mm to 50mm
  • Gear ratios of i = 6 to and including i = 10,000
  • Power from 0,06kW to 15kW.
  • Tapered roller bearings on worm shaft
  • Flange for IEC motor mounting integral with housing
  • Higher worm efficiency

Worm gearbox with solid input shaft

The input torque of the worm shaft can take place with the help of a hand wheel, or with a rotating drive shaft which is connected via a coupling. Custom design hollow shafts are optional. This makes it possible to link several drives for a synchronized movement.

Worm gearbox with IEC input shaft

These series of worm gearboxes have a motor flange and a hollow input shaft. As a result, it easy to mount IEC standardized motors on the worm gear reducers. The available flanges are of the type B5 (large flange with bottomless holes, for nut-bolt assembly), and B14a (small flange, wherein the reducer flange is mounted with bolts on the threaded holes of the motor flange).

Worm gear reducer accessories

In order to provide a complete solution, it may be necessary to add accessories to the gear unit. These are subdivided into accessories that make it easier to assemble / mount the gear unit such as flanges, outgoing shafts and torque arms. Any other mechanical power transmission parts are also good accessories for gearboxes. Gearboxes can also be assembled with clutch-brake combination units, electromagnetic and pneumatics.

Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your machine to meet the HACCP and EHEDG regulations, while your customers value this more and more. The stainless worm gearbox drive enables you to stay cost effective but meet customer demands.

Hypoid Reducers

Hypoid type gear units have a motor flange, and a full input shaft. This makes it easily possible to IEC standard motors to be mounted in combination with a flexible coupling to the reducer. The flanges available are of the type B5 (large flange having through-holes, for nut-bolt assembly), and B14a (small flange, wherein the flange is mounted on the threaded holes of the motor flange with a bolt).

ATEX Worm Gear Boxes

Special measures and requirements are required for the use of worm gearbox in an ATEX environment ( areas with potentially explosive air/gas or air/dust mixtures). These measures are defined in the ATEX 114 Directive (formerly ATEX 95). Engifield can supply ATEX worm Gearboxes. Let us know your specific project.