Renewable Energies

Renewable energies

The renewable energy industry is the development and manufacturing of alternative green technologies. This promising field involves wind power, solar photovoltaics, generator parts and tube assembly among other manufacturers. The energy industry has an increasing demand of green energy management, efficient transmission and storage of renewables energies. Cost effective solutions are carefully design to launch deadlines and achieve the most complex project.

In this field there is a large use of drives and motion control system, such as torque limiters. It extends from overload systems for wind turbine gearboxes via torque limiters for climbing aid drives in the tower and switchable clutches for the drives of maintenance and installation platforms, right up to high-performance large clutches and brakes for gearbox test stands. The safety brakes for wind power plants represent maximum fail-safe function ( spring applied brakes and permanent magnet brakes), minimum downtimes and constructional design diversity, and reduce the operating costs. The most efficient mechanical power transmission systems are custom design to achieve the highest demands.

  • Wind Generator Gears
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar Power
  • Hybrid Energy
  • Biofuel production equipment
Renewable energy industry solar panel