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TRENDS in clutches and brakes Manufacturers: customization

Clutches and brakes hold, stop, or transmit motion. Especially over the last 3 years, a trend towards custom design components has been a clear trend in the industry. The biggest growth in industrial sector among clutch and brake manufacturers is the use of power-off brakes, because production automation requires many holding brakes.

Engineers use holding brakes because as soon as power is removed from the brakes, either a permanent magnet or a series of springs actuate to stop the motor shaft from moving. This systems are also known power off brakes, spring applied brakes or negative brakes.


Some industries require a smaller dimensions brakes with high torque: this requirement can only be reached by using magnets, and then it is a permanent magnet brake (PMB).

Although servomotor has reduced the use of clutches and brakes, still there is and there will always be applications where motor and drive technology require this particular mechanical power transmission solutions. They can be very custom design, adapted to activated by air or electricity depending on each requirement. Industries such as factory automation, packaging industry, robotics, lifting systems, safety systems, drives, renewables industries and industrial sector have a increasing demand of this mechanical engineering solutions.

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